Cover up that old red brick

The San Jose Peace & Justice center

Anchored two sheets of plywood to the bricks after leveling the surface



Added a wood border and stained it to match the existing wood work

16x16 Slate cut just right can appear perfect for any fireplace

Slate FireplaceSlate Tile



4" x 4" Tile 6" x 6" Travertine

6x6 Travertine tile for the hearth and matching 4x4 inside


Simply adding 3" strips around the outside of this fireplace allowed for a nice transition

Stone and TileTile Fireplace




16x16 Travertine and a nice layout really brought this

old red brick fireplace to life

Traver tine FireplaceTraver tine hearth
Red brick to Traver tine tileStaggered Tile
Tile Fireplace